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Eritr Menu

1. Foul
Fava beans,onions, olive oil , fresh tomatoes served w/2 breads $4.95
        -with 1 eggs  $5.95
        -with 2 eggs  $6.95
        -with Tuna  $8.95

2. Panino
Baked eggs,onions, fresh salad leaves, sandwiched in bread.  $4.95

3. Kicha Fitfit
Rehoboth fresh baked bread breaking-down into pieces, soaked in tomato, onions, olive oil, garlic ,chili sauce spiced your choice with or w/out butter & yogurt $6.95.     with beef  $8.95

4. Fritata · Scrambled eggs
Two Stirred egg & cooked in a pan , sliced onions , tomatoes served with 2 bread  $4.95

5. Fitfit lnjera
Soaked injera into freshly sliced tomato,garlic, vegetables oil and berbere ( chili powder). Your choice with purified butter or with out.
$8.95    with qaunta/beef meat $10.95

1. Collard Green Spinach  $2.50

2. Timtmo /Red Lentils assorted with spices $2.50

3. Alicha/Cabbage · cooked with spices & turmeric $2.50

4, Timtmo alicha/yellow Split Peas ooked with turmeric& assorted spice $2.50

5. Silssi Potatoes (extra hot) · For those who delight in hot & spicy, this dish is prepared with liberal amount of onions

6. Fasolia & Carrot fried in oil

7. Red Beets (Keiyh sur) $2.50

Sambusa with Veggies-
Pastry shell filled with whole lentils, onions & jalapefio  $2.50

Sambusa w/Meat=
Pastry shell filled with ground beef, onions & jalapefio peppers  $2.50

Coke (Diet ,Zero, Regular)  $1.95
Bottle (Coke, Sprite, Fania or Topo Chico) $2.25
Juice (Guava, Mango Juice, Mixed Juice) $1.95
Bottled water $1.25
Ice Tea $1.95
Fresh Telba, Papaya, Honey Juice 

Lipton Tea $1.95
Ginger Tea $1.95
Chai Spice Tea $1.95
Green Tea $1.95
Coffee $1.99
Ethio-coffee (jebena) $2.25

1. Collard Greens &  Spinach  
Cooked with fresh garlic , onions & chili in oil. $8.95

2. Timtmo 
Lentils cooked with onions, tomato, hot peppers & assorted spices. $8.95

3. Timtmo Alicha
Lentils simmered in curry cooked with onions , tomato, hot pepper inoil & assorted spices $8.95

4. Alicha
Cabbage , carrot, potato simmered with onions, tomato, garlic & turmeric $8.95

5. Shiro /chickpea
Ground chickpeas, tomatoes, garlic (your choice -olive oil/ home made butter) assorted with spices $8.95       

6. Veggie Combinations (A sample of all vegetables)  $14.95

1. Regular/Tsada Tibsi
Cubed tender beef /lamb fried with onions ,rosemary, jalapefio pepper

2. Awaze Tibsi 
Cubed tender beef /lamb marinated & cooked with tomato , jalapefio pepper, garlic & berbere sauce  $13.95

3. Quanta fir fir
contains bits of injera soaked in spiced berbere sauce and well cooked dried beef /lamb meat. 13.95

4. Key wot 
Spicy hot beef stew slowly cooked to blend with the rich combination is spices & chili  $13.95

1. Rice & Chicken
Rice , garlic, fresh ginger cinnamon & rosemary your choice with or without chicken roasted in garlic & lemon pepper. Served with Rehoboth salad  $11.95

2 Tsebhi derho

Specially prepared chicken sauce with sauteed onion seasoned butter & spiced red pepper flavored with exotic spices and served over injera.(Drumsticks & hard boiled egg are included in this famous Eritrean dishes)  $13.95

3  Derho Tibsi
Boneless pieces of chicken breast sauteed with onions, garlic,tomato seasoned red pepper sauce & seasoned butter  $13.95

Boneless  Chicken in a mild sauce $4.95

Beef in a mild sauce $4.95

Rice & Chicken (sliced and roasted chicken) $4.95